Auxiliary Equipments

    Revolutionary Electrical Treater

    Flip only where treating is needed
    No more wasted energy
    No more damage to unused areas
    Equipped with twin station for double strength treating
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    Hopper Dryers Series 1

    Best for most thermoplastic material including Nylon, Polycarbonate and PET
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    Dehumidifying Dryer

    Best for PET

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    Hopper Loaders

    Stand Alone Type
    WSAL - 300G
    WSAL - 400G

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    Hopper Loader Detachable Type

    Detachable type
    WSAL - 700G
    WSAL - 800G

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    Hopper Loaders Automatic Powder

    Automatic Powder Loader

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    High Pressure Air Compressor

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