Items and machineries we supply:

- Machines and Molds to make plastic bottles, gallon containers, etc.
- Machines and molds to make plastic household articles such as buckets, baskets, cloth hangers, plates, cups, tumblers, hair combs, forks, spoon, knives, etc.
- Machines to make plastic bags
- Machines to make plastic pipes, hose conduits, etc.
- Machines to make plastic disposable cups, plates, trays, food boxes, etc.
- Machines to make plastic drinking straws
- Machines to make plastic shoes, sandals
- Machines to make plastic suit cases, brief cases, travelling cases, etc.
- Machines to make plastic toys
- Machines to make plastic netting, mesh woven sacks, etc.
- Machines for printing, flexographic, rotogravure, silk screen, pad, etc.

Machines other than plastic:

- Machines to make paper products such as toilet rolls, paper napkins, facial tissues
- Machines to make cotton swabs (Q-tips)
- Machines to make cassette tapes
- Machines to make Chinese noodles (Chow Mein)
- Machines for Bottled Water Industry including Bottle Filling, Bottle Labeling and Bottle Packaging Machines
- Machines to make staples, paper clips, paper pins

Parts & Accessories:

- Hopper Dryers & Loaders
- Hopper Magnets, Silicone Sprays
- Teflon Tape, Sheet, with or without adhesive
- Variable speed motors, DC motors
- Printing Cylinders, printing plates, screens and pads for flexographic, photogravure, silk screen and pad printing purposes
- Treaters for film treating pre-printing
- Steel mesh for extruder filtering purpose
- Coloring material, color masterbatch, dry color, special blended color
- Inks for flexographic, photogravure, silk screen printing
- Temperature controllers, pyrometers, thermo-couples
- Thickness gauge, english and metric system
- Granulator for plastic waste recycling purpose